Published on 15 October 2019 07:12 PM Post By ៖ Apsara National Authority
អាជ្ញាធរជាតិអប្សរាមានកិត្តិយសសូមជម្រាបជូនដំណឹងដល់អាជ្ញាធរមូលដ្ឋាន លោក លោកស្រី និងបងប្អូនប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ ដែលបានដាក់ពាក្យស្នើសុំសាងសង់ ឬរុះរើផ្ទាស់ចាស់សាងសង់ផ្ទះថ្មីជំនួស នៅក្នុងតំបន់ការពារនៃរមណីយដ្ឋានអង្គរ មេត្តាជ្រាបថា៖ ក្រោយពីការចុះពិនិត្យដល់ទីតាំង និងពិនិត្យនូវរាល់ឯកសារពាក់ព័ន្ធចាំបាច់ទាំងឡាយ អាជ្ញាធរជាតិអប្សរាសូមធ្វើការអនុញ្ញាតនូវពាក្យស្នើសុំទាំងនោះដូចខាងក្រោម៖

German delegation, which led by Mrs. Dagmar Wöhrl, Mr. Jürgen Klimke, Mr. Waldemar Westermayer, Mr. Sascha Raabe and Mr. Stefan Rebmann accompanied by Mr Thomas Waldraff, Director of GIZ organization in Cambodia and some officials from the Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany, had an official visit to Angkor Wat.
The villagers, who live in the region of Angkor, always maintain traditional ceremony regularly. Lerng Meak is one of the traditional events, which the residents in the region, held annually from ancient time. This ceremony is set up in Angkor Wat to ask for happiness as well as to maintain of Cambodian cultural beliefs.
Director General of APSARA Authority meets with representatives of AEON Company, Sofia University and Sato Company. This meeting is held at the headquarters of APSARA by focusing on the restoration process of Preah Norodom Sihanouk-Angkor Museum and reopen this museum after it is completely restored.
India - Cambodia cooperation project, which is the cooperation between APSARA Authority and Archaeological Survey of India, has been working to restore many parts of Ta Prohm temple since 2004. For the first stage of this project (2004-2014), the working group has done many significant achievements. For the second stage (2015-2025), the project is restoring the damaged dance hall, which almost entirely collapsed.
Community working group of APSARA Authority led by H. E. Mr. Tan Sambon, Deputy Director General, bringing support packages for new mothers and babies from 36 families, who are living in Ampil commune. The meet is held in Trapangroun village, Ampil commune, Siem Reap Province, with the participation of local authorities and villagers.

Speech of H. E. Ms. Phoeurng Sackona, President of APSARA National Authority

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